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What is StickyTool?
StickyTool boosts the usability of your Windows 7 Sticky Notes application to a complete new level. It allows you to use notes that are not bound to your desktop but grants you individual notes to each program or even a single document or website, thus giving you a wider, flexible and personal control over your sticky notes.

- Enable or disable notes for each individual program, document or website.
- Automatically load and display notes for the current application window.
- Hide notes if they are in the way (minimize/maximize).
- Backup and restore notes.
- Set filters to show the same notes for different windows.

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How does StickyTool work?

The first start:
Once you start StickyTool it will pick up all your notes that you may have created so you can continue to use them. You will also notice a small StickyTool icon at your task bar. If it doesn't show click on "show hidden icons" at your taskbar and set StickyTool to "show icon and notifications".

The icon color:
The icon can be colored which indicates that you have hidden notes for the current program, document or desktop. By clicking the icon you can show the notes or likewise hide them.The icon can also be gray implying that you do not have any notes for the current program or document. Clicking on the icon will activate notes for the current program or document.

Left click on the icon:
This will hide or show the notes for the current program, document or desktop.

Right click on the icon:
A right click will bring up a context menu with various options.

    This will end StickyTool and close all notes.

    Activate Sticky Notes
    Notes for a certain program or document will be activated or deactivated. They will not be deleted and will show up again once you activate them.

    Edit Filter
    In Windows 7 every Window has a title which is displayed at the upper left. Knowing this makes it easy to understand how filters in StickyTool work. There may be occasions when you want one set of notes to be displayed when working with various numbers of documents. StickyTool can do this if the application and part of the window title are the same. This is best explained with an example. If you have three Word documents which are named as follows: "Application John", "Application Sally", "Application Template" then you may want to have notes that are displayed whenever you open any of these files. Open any of the documents and click on Edit Filter in StickyTool. A small box appears, stating the application the filter will be applied to, in our Example Word. You will also see the exact title of the window which may look like this: "Application Sally.doc - Microsoft Word*" if you change that to "Application" and click on save then the current notes will be accessible at every Word document that starts with "Application".
    Please note that you can only remove parts at the end of a filter. Please bear in mind that this also means that you will not be able to have an additional individual set of notes for just one document starting with "Application".

    You can also use this feature on Websites. If you use Firefox and visit our site then the window name is
    " • Portal - Mozilla Firefox*" notes will only be shown when you are on the portal. If you want those notes to show everywhere on then change the filter to ""

    Restore Notes
    You may restore any previous backup of notes. All notes in every program, document or on the desktop will be affected.

    Backup Notes
    StickyTool creates a automatic backup of all your Notes with every start. However, you may want to create a backup yourself by clicking on "Backup Notes". You will be able to have 20 backups if that limit is exceeded StickyTool will overwrite the backups starting with the oldest.

    About StickyTool
    This provides you with information about StickyTool.

Important note
StickyTool makes the use of Windows 7 Sticky Notes redundant. If you start the original Sticky Notes application it it will show only your desktop notes.

The free version of StickyTool will not run on computers connected to a network-domain.
A corporate trial version of StickyTool who will do so will be available soon.

Double click the StickyTool-Setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

Q: Is there a virus,trojan or other malicious software in the downloadable file?
A: You might ask this yourself because your Antivirus software is telling you that there is a virus, trojan or other malicious software in the downloaded setup and/or the executable. Some antivirus tools just falsely claim that there is malware in the StickyTool executable because they are very rigorous. However, we guarantee that the downloadable StickyTool is 100% clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. We check every file we upload thoroughly before posting them. However, to make sure the files you downloaded got not infected on the way to your computer you can check the hash code (see download link) of the file with a tool like VisualHash or MD5-Check.

StickyTool is Freeware for private users.
If you want to use StickyTool in a corporate environment, please contact us via email. A corporate trial version of StickyTool will be available soon. Full license text: Read

Copyright © 2010-2014
All rights reserved.

Download Sticky Tool Freeware v1.08
(1.88 MiB) Downloaded 6807 times
Hash Codes
MD5 : cb2b5fe69cbb66781e2f890e284dac06
SHA1: cfb39b24869a82334f88673946a8d629ff55dca4

Sticky Notes has some hidden short keys which help you to format your notes giving them some color and shape. Here is a list of hints to help you use the notes more efficient.

Notes Size and color

You can change the size by dragging the lower right corner, create a new note with the + on the upper left or delete the note with the x on the upper right.

Right click into the note to change the background color to blue, green, pink, purple, white or yellow.

"Document" Short Keys

Ctrl + N New
Ctrl + D Delete
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + C Copy
Crtl + V Past


You can change the caption of a note or parts of it with CTRL + SHIFT + A.
 Sticky Notes Caption

Font Size

You can decrease the font with CTRL + SHIFT + < or increase it with CTRL + SHIFT + > the font.

If you are using a QWERTZ keyboard the short cuts are:

Aligning Text

You can align text to the left with CTRL + L.
You can also align text to the right with CTRL + R.
Or you can center your text with CTRL + E.


A list can be created with CTRL + SHIFT + L. You can press the combination up to six times. Each time a different numbering is applied:
 Sticky Notes Lists

Highlight Text

There are also different ways to highlight and mark your text.
Use the shortcut like an "on/off switch" or apply it when you have text or words selected.

You can underline a text by pressing CTRL + U.
CTRL + T will strike your text through.
You can write bold text by pressing CTRL + B or italic text with CTRL + I.

You can combine these shortcut.

Line Spacing

The spacing between lines can also be changed to single line space (default) with CTRL + 1.

1.5 line space can be applied by pressing CTRL + 5.

If you prefer double line space then press CTRL + 2.

Superscript and Subscript

To superscript a number or text press CTRL + Shift + ~.
To subscript a number or text press CTRL + ~.
 Sticky Notes Superscript and Subscript

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