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Sticky Notes Hints

Postby jez » 14 May 2010, 17:11

Sticky Notes has some hidden short keys which help you to format your notes giving them some color and shape. Here is a list of hints to help you use the notes more efficient.

Notes Size and color

You can change the size by dragging the lower right corner, create a new note with the + on the upper left or delete the note with the x on the upper right.

Right click into the note to change the background color to blue, green, pink, purple, white or yellow.

"Document" Short Keys

Ctrl + N New
Ctrl + D Delete
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + C Copy
Crtl + V Past


You can change the caption of a note or parts of it with CTRL + SHIFT + A.
 Sticky Notes Caption

Font Size

You can decrease the font with CTRL + SHIFT + < or increase it with CTRL + SHIFT + > the font.

If you are using a QWERTZ keyboard the short cuts are:

Aligning Text

You can align text to the left with CTRL + L.
You can also align text to the right with CTRL + R.
Or you can center your text with CTRL + E.


A list can be created with CTRL + SHIFT + L. You can press the combination up to six times. Each time a different numbering is applied:
 Sticky Notes Lists

Highlight Text

There are also different ways to highlight and mark your text.
Use the shortcut like an "on/off switch" or apply it when you have text or words selected.

You can underline a text by pressing CTRL + U.
CTRL + T will strike your text through.
You can write bold text by pressing CTRL + B or italic text with CTRL + I.

You can combine these shortcut.

Line Spacing

The spacing between lines can also be changed to single line space (default) with CTRL + 1.

1.5 line space can be applied by pressing CTRL + 5.

If you prefer double line space then press CTRL + 2.

Superscript and Subscript

To superscript a number or text press CTRL + Shift + ~.
To subscript a number or text press CTRL + ~.
 Sticky Notes Superscript and Subscript
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