StickyTool anti-virus detection

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StickyTool anti-virus detection

Beitragvon Jonathan » 06 Sep 2013, 15:32

Is there a way to make the software so it doesn't set off anti-virus software?

I downloads LOTS of software utilities and they don't set it off.

No offense to your programmers, but it's really hard to feel comfortable about software that multiple anti-virus utilities flag as being infected.
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Re: StickyTool (Freeware)

Beitragvon masc » 05 Nov 2013, 16:18

Hi Jonathan,

First off sorry for answering that late. I am very busy at the moment with another project I am working on and therefore had neglected the bitsmithy website a little. Now on to your question.

Unfortunately there isn't much I can do against anti virus software falsely claiming that StickyTool might be malware or whatever because of the way the tool works and how the antivirus providers work. What I could do I already did by sending all known antivirus providers a request to evaluate StickyTool and exclude it from being falsely flagged as malware. Some reacted to that others didn't. However you can help with that by sending your antivirus provider a request to check a false virus detection. I would be glad if you did so. :)

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